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Installation view from Kongsberg Kunstforening

Landskap med Grense #1

(Landscape with Border #1)

Sculpture/model, 2021

Norway’s most frequently used border crossing is the Svinesund Bridge, and 2020 was the year when borders many had forgotten again came to life. The border passage at Svinesund has two qualities that makes it a well suited visual and symbolic border: the border is in the middle of a fjord, and the actual crossing of the border is done on a bridge. But even if all fjords represent a geographical border, not all of them are a political border. And not all borders are located in a fjord. 


This work was made in connection with the exhibition Borderland at Kongsberg Kunstforening 2021, and in the production process of this exhibition Landskap med Grense #1 served as a reminder that in some landscapes, there are some borders that have bigger consequences than others.

Interview from the exhibition

Special thanks to Rune Vikan and Markus Lantto for help in the production of this work.

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