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Ultima Thule
In December 2018 the NASA space probe New Horizons reached Ultima Thule, an object in the Kuiper Belt. From there it sent this image, showing Ultima Thule in 12x12 pixels. The image is a technical navigation image, meaning it was used to guide the probe. When the image was taken, it set a new record as the image taken farthest away from Earth.
Inkjet print. 100x100 cm. 2019


The Great Wave, after Hokusai
Screenshot from Google Earth.
Inkjet print. 120x65 cm. 2019


Pale Blue Dot With Nose Reduction
Pale Blue Dot is an image taken February 14th 1990 by the NASA space probe Voyager 1. The image shows the part of the solar system where Earth is. It is taken at such a long distance, that Earth is less than one pixel in size, and the only visible trace of the planet is a weak reflection of the sun. In this version the image a noise reduction filter has been applied in Photoshop, and the Earth is therefore not visible at all.
Inkjet print. 100x100 cm. 2019

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